What is Alexa traffic rank and how to check it?

Hello friends, Welcome to my blog. As you all know that my name is Bhanu saini and today I am back with a new post in which we will discuss Alexa Rank and How to improve Alexa Rank. In this post, I will tell you several methods by which you can easily improve your Alexa rank.

What is Alexa Rank?

The general agreement is by all accounts a hesitant permission by most that there does without a doubt give off an impression of being an extremely broad – unpleasant – relationship between's a webpage's Alexa Rank and traffic for entrenched sites that get far beyond a specific dimension of traffic: i.e. for generally famous destinations with Alexa Ranks of not as much as some place in the district of around 50,000 to 100,000 – shockingly, Alexa does really state on their site that 'traffic rankings of 100,000 or more ought to be viewed as unpleasant appraisals' and that then again 'the closer a site gets to #1, the more precise traffic rankings progress toward becoming'.

Anything higher than this 100,000 waypoint and everybody I've at any point addressed regarding the matter appears to basically dismiss it as a metric that can, multiple times out of ten, be totally overlooked. The Alexa rank must be less than 50k to attract a huge amount of organic visitors.

How to Check my Alexa Rank?

After knowing Alexa Rank the next question arises is How to check your Alexa Rank? There are many ways to check your Alexa Rank. The best ways are given below -

1. Alexa Extension -

Here is an extension for you by which you can check your Alexa. This extension is available free for Google Chrome. So to check Alexa Rank of any website just open this extension while visiting any blog or site. The extension will show its Alexa Rank automatically. 

2. Official Alexa Website -

The best way to check Alexa Rank is to visit official Alexa Rank website. This will show you the best results as it is the official website. Just enter the address and hit enter and get the results. Now I will give you some tips to improve Alexa Rank and get organic visitors for your blog.

How to improve Alexa Rank?

Here are several ways to improve your Alexa ranking. Some of the tricks are given below - 

1. Content -

The content of the blog is the backbone of your blog. Try to provide unique and best quality content to the readers. Due to original and unique content, the readers will be impressed and will read your posts regularly. This will help in getting organic visitors and will surely improve your Alexa Rank.

2. Images -

The size of images must be less than 100Kb. If your images are of more size then you must use tinypng tool to reduce or compress your images size. The ratio of images must be 1:400. So If you are writing a post of 400 words then you can insert one image. This is the best ratio to make your post more SEO friendly and get more organic visitors.

3. Regular posting -

It is the best way to improve Alexa Rank. Just you have to write posts on a regular interval by which your posts will be indexed more readily and you will get more organic users. The best way is to publish posts daily or in two days but the interval must be the same.

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