Top 10 ways to protect your computer

Here in this post, I am going to share the top 10 ways to protect your computer. After reading this article you will be able to secure your computer from viruses and malware. My top 10 ways to protect your computer will enhance your computer security and will increase the life of your workstation. So here are top 10 ways to protect your computer, I hope you will read this post carefully and follow the instructions presented by me.

Online antivirus software -

The main aim of this post is to protect your computer from virus and malware. To secure your computer from viruses and malware you must use online antivirus programs and software. There are several antivirus programs which are available online to secure your PC from virus attack. some of the best antivirus programs are listed below -

  • Norton security
  • Avast antivirus
  • Bytefence security
  • 360 security

To make your computer virus free you must use these anti-virus programs, for that you have to scan your computer using the software.

Update your machine -

The next best tips to secure your computer is to update your machine regularly. by updating your machine a computer you can install the best security programs to protect your machine. this is one of the best ways to protect your computer among top 10 ways to protect your computer and hence increase the life of your PC.

Firewall -

On the off chance that you are shielded from utilizing the default Windows firewall and believe that you rethink. An expansive piece of the reality of the situation trojans and spies when stuck with the most recent Folio, it is sufficient maker to maintain a strategic distance from your latest and refreshed antivirus. The firewall is valuable for classes such program to open any Web Association. There are heaps of free firewall to look over. One of them is the Comodo firewall. Keep a new firewall and screen all your web activity.

Backup -

Backup is the most imperative terms when you need to expand the life of your PC or Windows. Backup intends to make a duplicate record of any organizer with the goal that it winds up safe and when that document or envelope is erased then you can utilize the reinforcement to reestablish this erased document. Backup assumes a vital job in my article of the best 10 ways to protect your computer.

Login utilizing a mystery word:

Login utilizing a mystery word or we can say that you must use Windows lock to safeguard your computer from intruders. This will make your computer safe and no one can harm your computer without your permission.

Windows Defender -

Window defender is a program pre-installed in your Windows which is specially created to scan your computer and make your computer virus free. This tool can also be used to enhance the security of your Windows. I have created a separate post regarding window Defender and you want to get more information about that then please check the link given below -

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Integration -

Windows Framework is an inbuilt segment calls Difragmenteshn settles all the dissipated archives. You can visit the feature Defragmentation under Mycomputer> Manage> Defragmentation. Without question, you pursue these few signs to guarantee the security and prosperity of your PC

Use VPN -

VPN stands for virtual private network and which is used to enhance the Internet security of our PC while Surfing the internet. by using VPN we can secure our data from hackers so you must use the VPN while using the internet on your computer.   you must visit my separate article on VPN, the link is given below -

What is VPN and how does it works?

Unplug the battery -

Increase the life of your battery is a very important topic because it plays an important role for the laptop users, So this is my recommendation to unplug your battery after 6 to 7 days for approximately half an hour. By performing this action you can easily increase the life of your battery.

These were the top 10 ways to protect your computer from virus Malware and increase the life of your computer or laptop. In last I would like to say that if you like this post and if my tips are effective then please share this post more and more with your friends, for any query or suggestion you can use the comment box for visit our contact us page.

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