How to convert a Hosted AdSense account to Non-hosted AdSense account?

Before multi-year Google Adsense change his strategy for Adsense account endorsement. They give distinctive sort of record; hosted represent google item and non-hosted represent distributer claim websites.

So now you understand that there are two types of Google AdSense accounts. Now I will tell you How to check either your account is hosted or non-hosted?

Hosted or Non-hosted Google AdSense account?

Follow these steps to check -

1. Open Google Chrome.

2. Log in to your Google AdSense account.

3. Click on the top right side of your page.

4. Now you will see your Google account, Click on it.

5. After that, you will see this - 


6. If there is written " Hosted account ", then it is a Hosted Google AdSense account otherwise non-hosted account.

What is a Hosted AdSense account?

The primary favorable position of this record is that its endorsement is simple. You can without much of a stretch favor a hosted AdSense account from Google hosted destinations like Blogspot, hub pages, Youtube, and so on.

In any case, the issue with this account is that you can not utilize it on locales which are not hosted by Google. It implies you can just utilize it on Google facilitated platforms like Youtube, Blogspot. The revenue share is -
55% publisher and 45% Google for a hosted AdSense account.

Advantages of Hosted AdSense account

1. Quick approval - If you will try to get a hosted Google Adsense account then it will be easier and you will get approval quickly in a short period of time

2. Google sites supported - After you get approval on a hosted account, you can run ads on only Google products such as - Blogger, Youtube etc.

What is a non-hosted account? 

The non-hosted account can be utilized any site. It's exceptionally hard to favor a non-hosted account however once if your record got affirmed it can't be effortlessly blocked. It's completely affirmed record so you didn't have to reapply for some other administration. You can apply for a distributor AdSense account specifically from your Website. The revenue share is 68% publisher and 32% Google for a non-hosted account.

Advantages of a non-hosted account - 

1. More earnings - After approval of a non-hosted AdSense account you can earn more because now the revenue share of publisher increases from 55% to 68%. This gives a better opportunity to earn more.
2. Multi-platform support - A non-hosted account ads can be shown on any platform such as - Blog with a custom domain, Wordpress site and many more.

How to convert a Hosted AdSense account to Non-hosted AdSense account?

Follow the given steps to convert Hosted account to Non-hosted AdSense account -
1. Log in to your Google AdSense account.
2. On the top left, you will see the menu option. Open it and click on ads.
3. Now in the ads section click on 'other products'.

4. Now enter the site { in format }where you want to display the ads and click on submit.
5. After that, you will see a code.
6. Copy that code and paste in your website HTML.
7. Paste that code after <head> and save that.
8. Now click on submit.
Google AdSense will review your website or property and send you a mail within 3 working days. So follow these steps carefully.

Last words by the author -

In the last, I would like to say that a non-hosted AdSense account is more beneficial than a hosted account. All the steps are important and don't try to skip. If you like this post and if it seems informative then please share this post with your friends and for any query or suggestions please use the comment box. 

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