Best 5 blogging topics for students

In this post, you will get some best blogging topics for students. As we all know that competition in blogging is increasing day by day it becomes more difficult to find best blogging topics for students. So in this post, I am going to share best blogging topics for students by which they can get success in login career and surely boost their earnings.

                   blogging topics for students

All the blogging topics for students I will share with you have a massive traffic volume, huge monthly searches, and high CPC.

News -

The news is the most profitable topic for on blogging career. In this topic, you have to provide the latest information and the latest news to your blog readers. In this topic we can provide information about current affairs, Sports, health, politics and a lot more other topics. This topic has the maximum number of search volume but with high competition, so this is the reason that it is at the top of our list of best blogging topics for students. The students can start their career because this is very easy to write the articles based on our current affairs and upcoming programs.

Health and Fitness -

Health and fitness is one of the best blogging topics for students. This is considered best because students can easily write articles based on health and fitness, as the students have a lot of information about health, food, the environment, so this becomes easy to write articles based on their studies. According to my research, the traffic volume for health and fitness is around 1 lakh per month with the high CPC.

With this search volume and high CPC health and fitness is a profitable blogging topic for students. This topic has low competition value which means that students can easily rank their post and earn name and fame, so if you are searching for a best blogging topics for students, this is just for you.

Gaming -

Gaming is also a suitable blogging topic for students because the students are fond of gaming and they can easily write articles based on gaming, gaming mods and share a lot of information about gaming and their experience.

There are around 15 lakh monthly searches with a profitable CPC value, so this means this is also a blogging topic for students. The students who are fond of gaming can easily start their blogging career with gaming as their blog topic.

Tech -

Tech is also one of the best blogging topics for students. This topic contains a lot of sub-topics such as to share information about Windows, Android, Android tricks, how to tutorials. Students can also provide information about the latest technologies which are developing in our country day by day.

The topic that has greater traffic volume and a lot of monthly searches and hence it becomes a profitable blogging topic for students.

Govt. jobs and opportunities -

Government job and opportunities is also a profitable blogging topic for students. This topic has around 20 lacs monthly searches with high CPC and a very low competition value.

So if a student tries to write articles about sharing the information about government jobs, their recruitment, and a lot more information about government exams then they can get success in blogging. This topic is mostly searched in India by youth. So if you are searching for a blogging topic which is most profitable then this is best for you and you must start blogging career with this topic.

Final words by the author - 

These were best blogging topics for students by which they can start their blogging career and increase their earnings. The all given topics are best with high traffic volume and low competition, so you can try these topics and I am quite sure you will get success.
I will again say that the content is the backbone of your blog so try to provide original and unique content to your blog readers. If you like this post then please share this post with your friends, for any query or suggestions please use the comment box or you can visit our contact us page.

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