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You probably heard of a VPN before, it's even possible you view one before but do you know but it does? A VPN stands for a virtual private network which basically means it gives you privacy online. Originally VPN was only used in business settings, where big businesses, organizations or governments want better security. Since people work remotely and media to connect online, this is needed to create a secure connection otherwise, they will face hacking or loss of data.

Nowadays VPN is used by everyone specifically because it ensures your location is private. Your data is encrypted it and then you can serve the web anonymously. But how does it work?

How does VPN work?

Is reinforcement our second to see how the web functions when you visit a webpage like a facebook or twitter, you type in the area name that space is fundamentally a moniker for The sites IP address and IP address is much the same as your place of residence just it comprises numbers, frameworks significantly less demanding to recall names in a quality of numbers we give sites area names and server interpretation. Your PC has an IP address as well thus does each gadget perusing the web

When you type in the website domain name on your browser whether you're using and chrome firefox or even internet explorer, you send your data into the internet until it reaches a server and that server that server translates the data and send you back the website you request. The problem is when you send that data to the server you sending them your IP  address and a lot of other information too this is where hackers can intercept your information.

Envision you're sitting in the café utilizing their open wifi in your telephone and you need to check your financial balance, another person with the labs can without much of a stretch sign into the system and take a few to get back some composure of your passwords, messages and other data you may have. In any case, on the off chance that you utilize a VPN they would not ready to get the entrance that. The site you visit additionally assemble your data however they will, in general, do with the end goal to examine their statistic. For the most part, it is anything but an issue. When sometimes you want to protect identity and privacy, so how does a VPN protect my privacy?

How does a VPN protect my privacy?

When you send information online a  VPN creates a tunnel that and encrypts the information, this way if someone gets hold of your data they won't be able to read it. The tunnel also makes a harder to hack in but don't be fold it is still possible just much harder to do.

A VPN also adds an extra server we spoke about how you send data from your computer to a server and the network server brings you back with the website.

The VPN helps in a lot of ways first it can change your location a lot of videos websites like Netflix little have strict content depending on your geo-location. Let's say you want to watch your favorite show on Netflix but it's not available in your country, you send your information to one of the VPN servers America and now Netflix thinks you're in America and you can stream your show without any problems.

The VPN tricks them and had thinking here in a different location because the signal was coming from a different server. Changing your location can also be helpful while booking a hotel or flight. Research has shown that hotel and flight prices change depending on your location and a VPN can potentially save you lots of money.

Best VPNs -

There are a lot of VPNs available online for the best security and for the best experience. So now I will like to share some best VPNs for you according to your operating systems such as for Androids, for Windows, So let's discuss some top rated VPNs

1. Hola VPN - Hola VPN is a top rated VPN available for Android. This is considered as one of the best VPNs which provide security as well as a better experience to the users. This VPN is free and available on Play Store. This is created by Hola tools and by this you can unlock any website or application. So enjoy this free and fast VPN.

2. Turbo VPN - This VPN is on the top of the list best VPNs. It provides a comfortable experience to the users. By this VPN we can unblock sites, Wi-Fi hotspots, security and protect our privacy. This is 100% free VPN available for Android on Google Play Store. This also has a feature of private browsing.

So these were two best VPNs available free for Android. In last I would like to say that to enhance your privacy you should always use a VPN server. If you like these VPNs then you can also unlock premium version of these VPNs.

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