What is Off page SEO? | Link building | Off page SEO |

What is Off-page SEO? | Link building | Off-page SEO |

Hello friends! Welcome to my blog. Today I Bhanu Saini going to share you a very important topic today we will discuss Off-page SEO which is also called link building in the last post I told you that what is SEO and on page SEO, how to do ON page SEO but if you didn't read that article then please visit the link given below -

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Off page SEO

Today we will discuss Off-page SEO so friends if you want to rank your posts in Google then please read this article carefully. And I am sure if you follow my tips and tricks then you will easily rank your post in Google and If you are waiting for Google AdSense approval than you will surely get the Google AdSense approval.

What is Off page SEO or link building?

So after knowing about SEO and On page SEO its time to get information about Off page SEO. As I told you in the last post that SEO { Search engine optimization } is the backbone of any blog or website. This is responsible for high traffic from Google. Off page, SEO is that SEO which you do on outside of your blog or pages. This is also called link building or creating backlinks. By Off-page SEO anyone can generate a high-quality organic traffic and get Google AdSense approval easily.

Let's take an example - Let us consider that I have created any website and if I am not getting organic traffic, that is useless and if someone searches for anything on Google, then Google shows some suggested websites for their users and if I get ranked in that suggested websites, I will get a lot of traffic this means that we have to rank your post in Google using Off-page SEO.

So as I told that Off-page SEO means link building for creating backlinks. Then you have to create your backlinks and these backlinks will help you a lot in ranking your post in Google. So friends now let's talk about backlinks.

What are backlinks?

Backlinks are the links which sponsor your post this means that at how search many links are sponsoring your post. So if you want to rank your post in Google you have to create a lot of backlinks. Backlinks are of two types first one is nofollow second one is dofollow backlinks.

Nofollow backlinks mean that this link will not follow you according to Google crawler. But dofollow backlink will follow you and will sponsor you. So now you can understand what is the role of backlinks in blogging or ranking in Google.

How to create Free backlinks?

As I told that backlinks are the backbone of your blog so you have to create more and more backlinks. To create free backlinks you can visit these websites which are given below. These are some online backlink generator tool, by these tools you can create free backlinks which will help you in ranking your post.

So these were some effective tools by which you can get some free backlinks. The other way to create it is that you have to go to the blogs and comment your website link in the comment box this will create a backlink connection between you and that blog. Some more posts on creating backlinks will be in next posts.

So this is all in this post if you like this post then please like share with your friends and if you have any query or suggestions and please mention it in the comment box.

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