How to write post in blogger? Full guide for beginners!

You've presumably heard about how vital blogging is to the accomplishment. However, it's vital that you figure out how to begin a blog and compose blog posts for it so each article bolsters your business. 

Without a blog, your SEO can tank, you'll have nothing to advance in internet-based life, you'll have no clout with your leads and clients, and you'll have fewer pages to put that important invitation to take action that creates inbound leads. So it's me Bhanu Saini, today back with this amazing post to tell you about blogging.

How to write post in blogger

What is a Blog?

A blog is truly another way to say "web log." Blogs started in the mid-1990s as an online diary for people to distribute considerations and stories all alone site. Bloggers at that point share their blog articles with other web clients. Blog posts used to be significantly more close to home to the author or gathering of journalists than they are today. 

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Today, individuals and associations of all kinds of different backgrounds oversee sites to share investigations, guidance, reactions, and different perceptions of an industry in which they are a rising master. So now you will know how to write a blog post?

How to write a blog post?

1. Provide user-friendly content

Before you begin to compose your first blog article, have an unmistakable comprehension of your intended interest group. What would they like to think about? What will impact them? Think about what you think about your purchaser personas and their interests while you're concocting a theme for your blog entry. 

2. Modify your blog's topic. 

When you have your blog space set up, tweak the presence of your blog to mirror the subject of the substance you plan on making. 

It is safe to say that you are expounding on maintainability and the earth? Green may be a shading to remember when structuring the look and feel of your blog, as green is regularly connected with supportability. 

In the event that you as of now deal with a site, and are composing your first blog entry for that site, it's vital that your blog is predictable with this current site, both in appearance and topic. 

3. Use introduction in every post.

Initially, catch the peruser's eye. In the event that you lose the peruser in an initial couple of sections - or even sentences - of the presentation, they will quit perusing even before they've given your post a decent deal. You can do this in various ways: recount a story or a joke, be compassionate, or grasp the peruser with a fascinating reality or measurement. 

At that point depict the reason for the post and clarify how it will address an issue the peruser might have.

4. Content 

Don't forget to provide an understandable content to your visitors because if you are content is out of reach of the users then they will bounce back from your website and your bounce back rate will become high. Your content must be original and well designed with the proper subheadings, headings, and title. Do not copy someone's content otherwise, you are going to lose your Google AdSense account.

5. Attractive Images

Ensure you pick an outwardly engaging and applicable picture for your post. As interpersonal organizations treat content with pictures all the more noticeably, visuals are presently more dependable than any time in recent memory for the accomplishment of your blog content in online life. Truth be told, it's been demonstrated that content with important pictures gets 94% a greater number of perspectives than substance without applicable pictures.

If your image size is more than 1MB than do not forget to use tinypng tool to compress your images for better results.

6. Streamline for on-page SEO. 

After you get done with composing, return and streamline your post for inquiry. 

Try not to fixate on what number of watchwords to incorporate. On the off chance that there are chances to consolidate watchwords you're focusing on, and it won't affect peruser encounter, do it. On the off chance that you can make your URL shorter and more watchword inviting, let it all out. However, don't pack catchphrases or shoot for some self-assertive watchword thickness - Google's more intelligent than that!

7. Templates

Templates play an important role in ranking. So it is very important to use a responsive and user-friendly template according to your blog topic. Now I will provide you with some best template provider websites from where you can download a well-designed template for your blog for free. Your blog must contain some important pages like about us, contact us, privacy policy and disclaimer. so here are some best online template provider website-

  • Sora templates
  • Goyabitemplates
  • W3Layouts

Last words - 

In definite words, I might want to state you that the content is the foundation of your blog. So attempt to give the best quality content to your guests. These are some best traps by which in the event that you compose the post you will get a positive reaction on your blog and your blog will develop. 

The wording of your blog must be legitimate and your post must contain 500 to 1000 words. The pictures must be legitimate and responsive. The extent of the pictures must be 640*480. The format must be versatile well disposed. So these were some last words and I trust you like this post and delighted in this. In the event that you like this post, it would be ideal if you share this with your companions so they can likewise get that this information. 

On the off chance that you have any inquiry or recommendation if it's not too much trouble notice in the comment box.

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