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Hello, everyone, my name is Bhanu Saini. Today I am back with the new post in which I will discuss how to download YouTube videos directly into your gallery? This post will be very interesting because after reading this article you will be able to download YouTube videos directly he into your gallery. In my next post, I will tell you how to download Facebook videos?

So friends, as I told you about today's topic, it is how to download YouTube videos. As we all know that we can only we watch videos online on YouTube, we cannot download that videos into our mobile phone but recently YouTube has updated its app and we can offline save some videos.

But we cannot share those videos and those videos expire after some time interval so today I will tell you some effective tricks by which you can download YouTube videos directly into your gallery and then you can share also them.

How to download YouTube videos in Android?

In this modern era, everyone has there person Android phones. YouTube is a Google app which allows us to watch online videos. We can watch tutorials, movies, serials, cartoons, Vines, and a lot more on YouTube. But this is the most difficult task to download YouTube videos into the gallery. So now I will tell you how to download YouTube videos in Android. Just follow these steps how to download any YouTube video - 

1. First of all, open your favorite browser such as Chrome, Mozilla Firefox for Opera Mini.

2. Now search for YouTube

3. After opening YouTube, search for your favorite video you want to download into your phone

4. After searching that video copy the URL of that video because it will help us in downloading that video like this-

Download YouTube Videos

5. Open a new tab in your browser and search for SaveFrom.Net

6. After the website is loaded you will see a search bar there like this-

Download YouTube Videos

7. Just paste that link in that search bar and click on the search button

8. Now you will see that videos thumbnail and you will get some options to download that video.

9. Finally, see you have to choose the format of the video and click on the download button

Now you will see that downloading of that video will be started and soon that video will be downloaded in your gallery. This is the best and effective trick to download any YouTube video for your Android phone without any application. I hope you like this trick as this is amazing you must try it.

How to download YouTube videos on PC?

After Android now its turn to download the YouTube videos in your personal computer. On the computer, it is very easy to download YouTube videos.

To download YouTube videos in your PC just follow these steps-

1. First of all open any browser such as Chrome or Opera Mini.

2. Go to Google and search for helper extension.

3. After that go to its official site and add this extension to your browser.

4. When the extension is added successfully just go to youtube and search any video you wanna download.

5. Now you will see a Download button to download that video, like this-

                       Download YouTube Videos

6. By clicking on download button you can easily download that video directly to your computer.

In this way, companions, these were the best strategies to download any YouTube video on your Android telephone or in your PC. In the last, I might want to state that you should attempt these tricks to download any video, and on the off chance that you like this article at that point please share this with your companions so they can likewise get this data. If you don't mind frequently visit my blog for the standard updates and traps 

In the event that you have any inquiry or recommendations and keep in mind to make reference to them in the comment box

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