What is custom recovery? How to install custom recovery[ Twrp\Cwm ]??

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What is custom recovery ??

Custom recovery as the name suggests it is a type of recovery. Friends, there is two type of recovery first one is stock recovery and the other one is custom recovery.

When you buy a new Android phone it has pre-installed stock recovery but stock recovery is not so powerful And it is unable to install zip files in any Android so that's why we need the custom recovery.

So custom recovery is the ability of Android to install external zip files from SD card or any other storage. This is very useful when a user is trying to install custom ROMs. Now let us talk about the types of custom recovery. Friends, there are two types of major custom recoveries -

1. TWRP ( Team win recovery project )

2. CWM Recovery

TWRP ( Team win recovery project )

Now let's talk about TWRP custom recovery. This is the best custom recovery for Android as it is in touchscreen mode so after this after installing this, when you will go in boot menu you can any do anything buy just touching on the screen.

After installing this recovery you will be able to install any zip file, wipe your system, mount, create a backup and many more features. This recovery is available in English language and written in C++. The developer of this custom recovery is Teamwin and this was released on 30July 2011.


This is the second best custom recovery. The full form of CWM is ClockworkMod.This type of recovery is not available in touch screen so this is operated by volume and home button of your Android. Buy this recovery one can unlock several features such as flashing zip file, mounting and create a backup. This is also written in C++. These were the best custom recoveries which you can install on your Android

How to install custom recovery ??

Now let us talk how to install a custom recovery, so first of all, I will tell you the Android method in which you can install the custom recovery, so let's start !!

To install custom recovery in any Android first of all you have to download custom recovery zip file suitable for your Android. You can download it from Google and after downloading this file in your PC, you have to install SDK platform file from Google for Windows. After downloading this file extract it.

1. Now go to phone settings and click on USB debugging  from developer options

2. After that  open your command prompt on your pc

3. Now by pressing volume down and home button going to recovery mode of your Android

4. After that connect your device to your PC by USB cable

5. Now to check that if your device is connected to your PC just type fastboot device on your command prompt and press enter, then it will show your device name and now it is confirmed that your Android is connected to your PC properly

6. Now type a command fastboot_flash_ recovery_ \twrp and now hit tab.

7. Now, this will automatically install the twrp recovery on your Android and you can easily access this.

Advantages of custom recovery

1. You can install any custom ROM on your Android by this recovery.

2. By custom recovery, you can create the backup

3. Mount

4. Restore

5. Install any kernel version

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