Tips to get Google Adsense approval fast !! How to get Adsense approval?

Hello, friends welcome on my blog. As you all know my name is Bhanu Saini and today I am back within another post in which I will give you some best tricks for Google AdSense approval my all tips and tricks are tested and working. I will tell you How to get Adsense approval? So please read this post carefully and if you like this post then please share with your friends and follow me.

As you all know Google AdSense is the best platform to run Google ads and monetize your blog, but for this, you have to take approval of Google AdSense which is very hard.
Recently Google  AdSense has updated its policies due to which it is now very hard to take approval of Google AdSense on your blog. Many of the peoples start blogging but they fail to take approval of Google AdSense, so if you are one of them you are at right place because I will give some best tips and ideas for fast Google AdSense approval.
So let's start.....

1. Responsive Themes = For your Google AdSense approval your team must be responsive so if you want your AdSense approval fast then use a  then use a responsive template

The responsive theme plays an important role in Google AdSense approval. Your theme must be attractive and responsive. So if you are using a blogger template then please remove it and use a new responsive theme. To get the best responsive themes for Google AdSense approval you can search on Google and get one of the best templates for your blog.

Your theme must be properly designed and remember to add all necessary widgets for your blog such as Blog archive, Follow by Gmail, Google Translate, Search etc. Using an attractive template will increase your chances of Google AdSense approval

2. Proper pages = Google AdSense approval without important pages such as About us, Privacy policy and Disclaimer is impossible. So you have to create all these three pages for your visitors and quick Google AdSense approval. Remember if these pages are not on your blog Google will not approve your blog. In about us page you have to write about your blog whatever you want and for privacy policy, you can generate online privacy policy and publish all these three pages. After that create a widget of pages on your blog and this will increase your chances of Google AdSense approval

3. Sufficient Content = According to Google AdSense policy your blog posts and pages must contain sufficient content. Your content should be proper and make sure that your content does not violate Google AdSense policies. You must write a post between 500 to 1000 words. Your content should be written in a Proper language and there should not be any grammatical mistakes, Avoid spelling mistakes and try to insert minimum images in your post. Your post must not  contain 18 + content, Smoking content, or any Drug, Medicine content
So if you are a blog writer can you keep remember these things before writing a post otherwise you will not get Google AdSense approval and if you follow these tips while writing posts you will surely get Google AdSense approval quickly.

4. Provide original content = For quick AdSense approval, your blog must contain original content. So keep in mind you have to avoid copying someone's content.
If you want to check that if you are content is original then there are several Plagiarism checker tools online. You can use  them and check if you are words a unique or not because it is written in Google AdSense policy is that you have to provide original content to your visitors

This is all in this post and if you like this post then please share with your friends

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