How to remove chromium virus?? Working methods!!

Hello friends, welcome on my blog " Tech Education ". As you all know my name is Bhanu saini. I hope you all are well and enjoying my blog. Today the topic is very interesting and today I  will tell you about chromium virus/ malware, its side effects, and its removal process from your computer. So friends please read this post carefully and if you like this post then please share this.

What is chromium virus ??

Chromium is a malware software which forcefully installs in your computer. This gives a poor experience to the user. Whenever you install a third party software in your computer then this malware is auto installed on your computer without the user s permission. And when you try to remove it or uninstall it, it does not proceed and hence this becomes a permanent app, which decreases the performance of your computer.

Side effects of Chromium Virus 

1. Decrease Performance = When your computer is infected by this virus, the performance and speed of your computer decrease. As this is a browsing software so that"s why it eats up the RAM  and which leads to the hanging of computer and decrease the speed of  PC.

2. Eats up storage = After the chromium is installed in your computer, it spreads its root and the size of this application starts increasing with a constant speed which eats up a lot of storage.

3. Decrease battery backup and PC heating = This is a major problem with laptop users which gives a poor experience. After the setup of chromium is completed this virus starts running in the background and decrease the battery backup. Due to which CPU or laptop battery starts heating up.


So the conclusion is that chromium is a very bad virus which gives the administrator a bad experience as it eats up the battery backup, storage and fills up your storage. So it is necessary to remove it from your computer safely. But when you will try to remove it by normal control panel method, this will not be removed or uninstalled. So in this post, I will tell you all about its safe removal. And the all methods are working and easy to read the post carefully and follow the instructions.

How to remove Chromium Virus ??

Friends by the normal method you cannot remove it from your computer, So here are some best methods to remove this safely from your computer

  • By clearing AppData
  • By window defender
  • By using third-party antivirus

1. By clearing AppData = To remove this virus completely from your computer you have to clear all the data of this virus file, for that, you have to press win+R on your computer and then a pop-up window of search will open on your screen. Enter app data there and click on search, then a window will open on your screen in which you have to double click on the local folder, then after opening that folder click on chromium folder and open it. 
After opening that folder select all the files present in it and permanently delete them, this will clear all the data of that malware and your computer will become safe 

2. Using window defender = Window defender is an inbuilt antivirus that protects your computer from viruses and malware, window defender is effective in this case so to remove chromium virus just open window defender and first of all update your window defender. Then start scanning and after the scan, you will see chromium exe file and you can remove it by clicking remove, after that it will automatically delete that file and your computer will become safe.

3. Using external antiviruses = There a lot of third party antiviruses which are available online, and using then you can easily remove chromium virus. The top effective antiviruses are listed below:
  • 360 security
  • Norton security
  • Avast antivirus
  • Kaspersky antivirus 
So this was all in this post, If you like this post then please share this and if you have any queries then please mention them in the comment box.

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