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So welcome back and today I am writing this article for those peoples who find the methods to earn money online, Paytm cash, So in this post I will tell you How to earn money by playing games? and get a lot of free Paytm cash Read this post carefully because it contains a lot of stuff about this and if you like this post then please share with your friends so that they can also earn money by playing games.

How to earn money by playing games? | Earn free paytm cash |

As we all know India is growing day by day and online users search for how to earn money online. This is a trending search in India. So that's why I am posting about this and if you are also searching about how to earn money online, how to earn money by playing games, how to earn Paytm cash ,then you are at right place here in this post I will tell you some magical tricks by which you can earn money online or by playing games and you can get a lot of Paytm cash so read this post carefully I hope you will really like this.

Ways to earn money online -  

  • Blogging
  • By playing games
  • Using apps

But today I will tell you how to earn money online by playing games?

And the rest two ways such as blogging and by using apps will be in my next post so till then please visit my blog regularly.

So let's start how to earn money online by playing games?

Friends, there are a lot of Companies which hosts some websites or Android applications in which they provide some games to their users and arrange a competition among them. In which if you win you will get a lot of Paytm cash. The app today I will discuss is trusted and working. The app is MPL whose full form is Mobile Premier League which is hosted by Mobile Premier League.

If you want to earn Paytm cash through this app this is best for you. This application is trusted and user-friendly.

So now the topic is how to earn money by MPL or how to earn money from mobile Premier League

So if you also want to earn money by mobile Premier League then, first of all, you have to install this app from Play Store and then sign up with your mobile number. Remember your mobile number must be your Paytm number because this application sends money on a registered phone number. So it is my advice that sign up on this app with your Paytm number.

After signup, you will see its dashboard and this application will give you 20 tokens and these tokens can be used for playing games and to stand in competitions.

How to increase tokens in the mobile premier league?

To get some extra tokens there are referral programs and by sharing this application you can get some free tokens. If you are unable to share this application then you can buy some tokens by your Paytm cash. So the conclusion is that you can get free tokens also and you can buy the tokens from mobile Premier League application.

Now the question arises is what kind of game you have to play in this application. So the games present in this application are very easy and interesting. One game is of 40 minutes and we have to play all 40 minutes in the game. To take entry in the game you have to spend your tokens and once you have entered in the game you are the participant of this competition. So keep in mind you should have any enough tokens to enter in any game.

The list of the games present in this application are given below -

  • Bubble Shooter
  • Fruit Smash
  • Balance pink ponk ball
  • Ice runner

These are some interesting games which you can play easily in Mobile Premier League and you can earn Paytm cash by these games. The company decides the winning amount and the winners get that amount.

Now let us discuss its redeem process

Whenever you win, the winning amount is added in your wallet and once your minimum threshold is reached you can easily withdraw that amount in your Paytm wallet. The minimum threshold of mobile Premier League is only 5 rupees, so once your balance reaches 5 rupees you can easily withdraw it in your Paytm wallet easily.

So, friends, this is all in this post. This is a method by which we can earn money online so I hope you get the answers of the question of how to earn money online, how to earn Paytm cash buy the mobile Premier league. So what are you waiting for just go to Play Store and install this application and start earning.

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