How to secure your windows using window defender

As we  all know that we are living in a world of innovation and computers are its fundamental unit, we all use computers and laptops

These operating system can be easily attacked by viruses, and to protect our systems we usually approach to third-party software but we did not use pre installed antivirus in our windows


A PC infection is noxious code that imitates by duplicating itself to another program, PC boot segment or record and changes how a PC functions. The infection expects somebody to intentionally or unwittingly spread the contamination without the information or consent of a client or framework head. 

When an infection has effectively connected to a program, record, or archive, the infection will lie torpid until the point that conditions cause the PC or gadget to execute its code. All together for an infection to contaminate your PC, you need to run the tainted program, which thusly causes the infection code to be executed. 

This implies an infection can stay torpid on your PC, without giving real suggestions or side effects. Be that as it may, when the infection contaminates your PC, the infection can taint different PCs on a similar system. Taking passwords or information, logging keystrokes, debasing documents, spamming your email contacts, and notwithstanding assuming control over your machine are only a portion of the staggering and disturbing things an infection can do.


As all of you realize window is an all around structured working framework and can be effortlessly assaulted by malware and infection however windows have an inbuilt antivirus which is best for window working framework, so to utilize this as a matter of first importance go to windows and scan for window safeguard, Window Defender is inbuilt antivirus software,so open it

Open it and run window defender 

Click on quick scan and scanning will start and after scanning all details will be shown, this will scan your full pc and search for  malicious files or folders

If your pc is infected by the virus than it will remove that and make your pc virus free. So this was all in this post If you all like this post then please share this with your friends and for query and suggestions use the comment box.

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