Top youtubers in India

Good morning friends how are you?? I hope you all enjoying your life my name is Bhanu saini and today I am back with a new post. as we all know set India is a growing country and growing day by day in the field of Technology so today I am publishing an article in which I will tell you About the best 4 YouTubers of India I will also tell about their success story and many more about them so let us start!!!

1. Bhuvan bam

Bhuvan Bam is one of the most popular YouTuber in India. He changed the trend of vines, His YouTube channel name is BB ki Vines and his journey started when he uploaded a video on Facebook and it went viral. In beginning, his fans were from India and Pakistan but now is famous all over the world. He started his journey on YouTube in June 2015 and recently he has achieved a goal to reach 10 million subscribers on YouTube in India. His videos are full of comedy and humor and he is mostly liked by the youth all over India. He is also a good singer and regularly uploads his singing videos, that's all about this great personality. Bhuvan bam is a great person having multi-talents and his videos are a great source of entertainment.

2. Amit bhadana

Amit Badhana is also one of the best Viner and YouTubers popular in India. He uploads videos related to comedy and his videos are full of comedy, rhymes, and punches. He started his journey from dubbing the videos and when that videos gone viral, he started uploading videos on YouTube. His videos are mostly liked by children and youth. Recently he has also achieved a total of 10 million subscribers on YouTube. His rhyming is popular all over India. And now he is in the list of top YouTubers of India. I request you all to watch his videos because his videos are a great source of entertainment.

3. Sandeep Maheshwari

Sandeep Maheshwari is also one of the most popular peoples in the in India on YouTube. He is mostly liked by the youth, Children, and students because he uploads motivational and life changing videos for them. He organizes free seminars of motivational speeches. He has become a role model in the life of students all over the world, He has around 5 millions subscribers on youtube and if you are a student a advice you to watch his motivational videos and enjoy them.

4. Rohit Khatri fitness

He is also in the race of great YouTubers, He is my favorite guy as he uploads videos related to fitness and gym and he is also growing day by day , his videos are liked by youth and gym lovers, So if you are a gym lover than you should follow him for his tips, his tips are great and help you to transform your body.

All the peoples mentioned above are great in thier field you all can watch thier videos and enjoy because their videos are full of entertainment and if you have any query or suggestions then please do not forget to comment down

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