How to hack any offline games (root) with pictures


Friends as you all know whenever we install any offline game we did not get enough resources so that's why we can not enjoy that game, so in this blog, I will tell u all that how you can full your resources in just a few minutes, so I hope you all will enjoy this post.

Hack any offline game

Basic requirements to Hack any offline game                   

  • Rooted Android Device
  • Root Browser app or Root Explorer
  • Any offline game
  • Patience and educated mind

How to Hack any offline game?

1. To hack any offline game in the first step install Root browser from Google play store and open the app. { You can also use Root Explorer for this process } 

Hack any offline game

2. Allow the root permissions otherwise, your app will not work

3. Install ant game from Google play store, but the game must be an offline game, I am taking the example of Tower crush game as it is offline so we can easily increase its resources

Hack any offline game

4. Look here my coins are 1000

5. Open the root browser and go to data folder

6. Again search data folder in parent data folder

7.  Now go to tower crush folder

Hack any offline game

9. Go to AppData and then click on boxes

10. Then open game state box file as a text file with RB text editor

11. Replace original coins by 999999  or any value and save it

12. Open the game and enjoy

Note - This article is only for the person who have a rooted android device, So if you have a rooted android then you can easily perform this otherwise you can not. This article is just for Educational purpose so do not misuse it.

So this was all in this post I hope you like this post and now you can easily hack any offline game. If you like this post then please share with your friends so that they can also get this information and if you have any  query or suggestion then please mention it in the comment box

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