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So let's start!!!!!

So what is rooting or root permissions???

Well rooting an Android means to unlock the advanced features on android device hence it can be used for good purposes and bad purposes too...

If you want to start hacking with the android device than rooting is a must...

So in this post, I will tell you how to root any android device

How to root?????

To root any android device there are some basic requirements

1. Android device

2. Kingroot apk

3. Fast internet connection

4. Patience

Note = It may be harmful to root any android so be careful and I will not be responsible for any bricking of android and this post is just for educational purpose only

Steps are given below

1. Download the king root app from the given link.


2. Install this app in your android.

3. Open the app and data connection should be on.

4. Now this app will scan your device and tell the system specifications

5. Click on the try root.

6. Now the app will automatically start rooting your device it  may take 5 to 6 minutes and do not panic

That's all your device is now rooted properly

Advantages of root :::: 

You can do a lot of cool things after rooting your android, the advantages are listed below

1. You can install superuser in your android.

2. You can install custom recovery in your android

3. We can flash custom ROMs in our Android

4. Data can be backed up after rooting

5. You can change the font style of your device

6. You can block autostarting  of apps in your android

7. Crack wifi WPS pin

8. Uninstall bloatware from android

Now let's discuss the disadvantages of root - 

1. The device may be bricked during this process

2. Root voids your device warranty and now your device  cannot be serviced

3. Root cannot be removed permanently

Root your device on your own risk

In this post, I told you a lot about root, advantages, and disadvantages of the root. If you like this post then please share this post with your friends and visit my blog regularly for the latest updates and tricks

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