How to install GTA san andreas in your android phone with pictures !!!!

How to install GTA San Andreas in your android phone?

Hello, friends today I m gonna show how to install grand theft auto San Andreas on your android smartphone. GTA San Andreas is an open world game made by rockstar games. Its size is around 4 GB but I will show you how to install it in only 250 MB!!!!!

So let's start ........


1. Android phone with at least 500 MB ram memory.

2. you should know your smartphones CPU it may be mali, Adreno, (In this post I will tell u how to check your smartphone's CPU).
3. An internet connection.
4. GTA San Andreas apk. (around 15 MB)
5. GTA San Andreas game data(around 200mb)


1. First, check your CPU of the smartphone. Go to play store and search for app CPU-z. Install it, open it.

2. After launching the app you will see this.

This is your CPU. It can be mali, Adreno. Now you can proceed further!!!!

2. Install an app in your android whose name is z-archiver from play store. It will help in extracting the data.


Now download GTA SA apk from google
The data of the game should be according to your Android's CPU.
1. If CPU is Adreno than search for Adreno data
2. If CPU is mali than search for mali data


1. Open z-archiver app.

2. Install the GTA SA apk.
3. After installing the app go to the data file in zarchiver and click on the data file and extract the file like this...

It may take two minutes after extracting the file one folder will be formed whose name will be com.rockstargames.gtasa

copy this file or cut it and paste it in internal memory<android<data. Like this

                                                                                                                                                                       Its all done now just open GTA SA game and enjoy.
If you have any suggestions or problems than pls comment and share with your friends..

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